I started Market Muse Creative Consulting 15 years ago because I am passionate about bringing big ideas to life.

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Since then, I have served as a consultant and team member for companies seeking a leader to guide ideas from brainstorming, to launch, to continued growth.

Karen Vitale, Founder

Navigating that messy, critical path is my sweet spot. And authentic engagement is my secret sauce.   

I've created home-run products, content and growth strategies for major players in the beverage, kitchenware, home decor, gift, jewelry, gaming, toy, automotive and fashion industries. And I have partnered with global giants, including Harley-Davidson, Hasbro, General Motors, Turner Entertainment, Disney Consumer Products and The Smithsonian Institutions, as well as retailers Carlton Cards and Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

I live to spin ideas and innovation into measurable success. And because I'm equal parts dreamer and doer, I provide both big-picture strategy as well as front-line, detail-driven execution in the disciplines of social media, content marketing, product development, brand building, concept and design direction, project management, advertising, sourcing, packaging and manufacturing.

I work both remotely and on-site, as a consultant or employee, in whatever capacity fits the needs of the team and its mission. 


  • Branding & Creative Direction

  • Content Strategy

  • Website Design

  • Direct & Online Marketing, Analysis

  • Social Media, Paid & Organic

  • Concept Development

  • Product Design and Development

  • Public Relations

  • Sourcing and Manufacturing

  • Recruiting, Training, Mentoring, Management

  • Flash Fundraising


MARKET MUSE CREATIVE CONSULTING: Content, Brand and Business Development Services • Marketing, Traditional and Web • Product Development • Social Media • Public Relations • Copywriting • Blogging

TEMP-TATIONS BY TARA: Senior Brand Strategist • Marketing • Social Media • Brand Growth • Product Management • Merchandising • Ecommerce 

GIFTCRAFT: Creative Director • Brand Building • Art Direction • Merchandising • Brainstorming • Trend Hunting • Sourcing

THE FRANKLIN MINT: Director, Concept and Product Design and Development • Brainstorming • Art Direction • Licensing • Advertising • Copywriting • Sourcing

PROGRESSIVE BUSINESS PUBLICATIONS: Editor-in-Chief • Conference Coverage • Production • Copy Editor • Writing Roundtable Leader

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts degree from Villanova University, Magna Cum Laude, English Literature & Communications, Continuing education seminars and programs in Graphic Design, Management & Leadership and Team-Building.