I started Market Muse Creative Consulting 15 years ago because I am passionate about bringing big ideas to life.

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Since then, I have served as a consultant and team member for companies seeking a leader to guide ideas from brainstorming, to launch, to continued growth.

Karen Vitale, storyteller + strategist

Navigating that messy, critical path is my sweet spot. And authentic engagement is my secret sauce.   

I've created home-run products, content and growth strategies for major players in the beverage, kitchenware, home decor, gift, jewelry, gaming, toy, automotive and fashion industries. And I have partnered with global giants, including Harley-Davidson, Hasbro, General Motors, Turner Entertainment, Disney Consumer Products and The Smithsonian Institutions, as well as retailers Carlton Cards and Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

I live to spin ideas and innovation into measurable success. And because I'm equal parts dreamer and doer, I provide both big-picture strategy as well as front-line, detail-driven execution in the disciplines of social media, content marketing, product development, brand building, concept and design direction, project management, advertising, sourcing, packaging and manufacturing.

I work both remotely and on-site, as a consultant or employee, in whatever capacity fits the needs of the team and its mission. 


  • Branding & Creative Direction

  • Content Strategy

  • Website Design

  • Direct & Online Marketing, Analysis

  • Social Media, Paid & Organic

  • Concept Development

  • Product Design and Development

  • Public Relations

  • Sourcing and Manufacturing

  • Recruiting, Training, Mentoring, Management

  • Flash Fundraising


MARKET MUSE CREATIVE CONSULTING: Content, Brand and Business Development Services • Marketing, Traditional and Web • Product Development • Social Media • Public Relations • Copywriting • Blogging

TEMP-TATIONS BY TARA: Senior Brand Strategist • Marketing • Social Media • Brand Growth • Product Management • Merchandising • Ecommerce 

GIFTCRAFT: Creative Director • Brand Building • Art Direction • Merchandising • Brainstorming • Trend Hunting • Sourcing

THE FRANKLIN MINT: Director, Concept and Product Design and Development • Brainstorming • Art Direction • Licensing • Advertising • Copywriting • Sourcing

PROGRESSIVE BUSINESS PUBLICATIONS: Editor-in-Chief • Conference Coverage • Production • Copy Editor • Writing Roundtable Leader

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts degree from Villanova University, Magna Cum Laude, English Literature & Communications, Continuing education seminars and programs in Graphic Design, Management & Leadership and Team-Building.